Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Lovely Lorelie from Hawaii

I am going to really make this short and to the point with this posting. I have been very fortunate to meet an extraordinary Lady from Hawaii Lorelei Mannoia.

She has literally changed my life inside out. I am truly blessed meet her. She is a Certified Health Coach for Take Shape For Life (TSFL) and has done nothing but remarkable things not only for herself to get better in shape but has changed the lives of many people.

I am personally dedicating this post to let the world know of her brilliance   and passion for helping others achieve their weight-loss goal. If you care to contact her please do I will list all of her sites and email below.

Lorelei Mannoia
Certified Health Coach
Take Shape for Life
Skype: Cookieslimmer

Music Video Site
Lorelei Music Video

Her Facebook Link Page
Facebook Page

Helping Others Lose Weight
Take Shape For Life

Best Email Address


  1. I am so touched by this generosity you have Mr. Torino and you are truly a great man and I am honored.

  2. Thank You Lorelei I am so appreciative of your thoughtful comment.