Friday, July 23, 2010

Life By Design: The Tornado Method

A way to Improve on ones life through Self Development and through the Journey The Tornado Torino has traveled throughout the Globe including Thailand and Italy. I will be sharing some incredible adventures and destination I been to and on top of that I will  be sharing some of Life Greatest Secrets and how to Live a Life of Victory One day at a Time.
Every day I will be sharing another great quote by inspiring Authors, Famous People and even sometimes from great and motivational movies. Plus one major benefit we will be having is every month a Book of The Month. It is will be an inspiring book to become better and more EMPOWERED people.

Oh by the way did I mention we have some incredible people already apart of our Group including some Authors and also Motivational Coaches from Tony Robbins. So you should come by and take it look, you never know you might just learn something. Don't forget what Benjamin Franklin said, "If you think an Education is Expensive, Try Ignorance"

Lorelie Music Video

This is the Lovely and Talented Lorelei Mannoia. God has truly given this wonderful women a voice to truly touch the masses. I am one of the luckiest person to of meet her and to truly help her reach her personal goal of having 1,000,000 Fans.