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A Critical and Honest Review of WorldVentures. Is this a SCAM?

Author: David Heon

World Ventures showed up as a growing Network Marketing company a few years The idea was to employ one of the most formidable marketing tools on the planet, Network Marketing, to the leading industry on the planet. That grouping should make anyone sit up and take notice.

Marketing Company. and determine whether this is potentially the next “Amway”, as they maintain.

Those 5 criteria are as follows:

1)Is this the correct industry

2) Is this the desirable time

3) Is this the right company

4) Is the compensation plan appropriate

5) Is the system or training they provide good enough for me.

Let us briefly look at those 5 criteria.

The largest industry in the world, by far, is travel. It is an $8 TRILLION industry. Yes that is Trillion with a “T”. It is bigger than the next 3 industries combined. That means if you took, Oil and Gas, Health Care and the Automotive industry together, they would not even come close. That is a enormous statement.

Is this the correct time? Well, even though the industry is currently $8 trillion, it is projected to climb to $15 trillion over the next 10 years for one simple reason; the Baby Boomers. They are retiring at a rate of over 10,000 per day. Traveling is going to be a high priority for them, correct. In fact since Worldarguably Ventures began in 2005, the Travel industry has gone from $6 trillion to $8 trillion in the worst economy in the last 40 years. Ladies and Gentlemen, there is no other industry that can claim that type of growth, anywhere.

What about the company? If the management of the company isn't good, it doesn't really matter about the first Since it began in 2005, it’s growth has been pretty incredible from an industry standard. That may have something to do with the fact that in an $8 trillion industry, there is no other company that I can find that is doing anything similar. The obvious question is then, how much market share does this company need in order to become the next “Amway” . Amway is an $8 billion dollar company. That means that World Ventures would need to acquire about 0.1% Market Share! In contrast, Starbucks had to acquire nearly 8% market share of a $100 billion industry in order to become an $8 billion industry..

Their first year in business they closed out at $15 million in sales. Their second year they were at $50 million and in their third year, close to $150 million. That is 3 straight years of 300% growth.

Lets compare this to the Health and Wellness industry which is a $220 billion industry. There are, by conservative estimates, somewhere between 3000 and 5000 Network Marketing companies fighting for a share of that pie and they account for about 30 – 40% of the industry. If every one had an equal share that would cap out at $16 million per company. (World Ventures in there third year is already at $150 million). Now they don’t have an equal share obviously but I think you get my point.

There are a lot of massive companies in travel, Expedia, Travelocity, Cheap Tickets, and Orbits etc. Expedia, however, spent $8 million dollars in advertisements last year alone. World Ventures with the use of their proprietary technology using their host company Rovia had an advertising budget of $0. It gets even more interesting in that Rovia has been shown to find the least expensive price on travel about 70% of the time, compared with Expedia which is at 4%. This is based upon an independent review.

You have to assume that they are going to make their goal to become a billion dollar They haven’t even hit their Momentum phase yet. As I began to research the company I quickly realized that they are certainly not brain dead! They have a pretty extraordinary team of leaders and administrators. They are committed completely to the companies growth.

We really need to check out the compensation plan, don't we? They use a binary plan and the pay out is extremely good. The company pays out over 62% of their total revenue to their representatives. That is pretty high for the Network Marketing industry.

Of course the services that a Network Marketing company has are only the beginning. World Ventures certainly has put a lot of energy and money into their product. You still have to go out and Market the products; they are not going to do it for you.

Just like any Multi-Level Marketing Company, a substantial number of people are not going to have success. Looking closely at the statistics about Network Marketing in general, the odds are not very good.. There are SIX steps to success in any MLM business venture and the people that fail have a deficiency with one or more of the steps below.

1) Define your goals and Make a Decision to Reach the goals.

2) Identify your “Target Market”.

3) Do Your Homework. Research long and hard my friends.

4) Know the Products and be sure your Target Market LOVES the product.

5) Get Effective Training

6) Find the Correct Mentors and do what they tell you.Don’t re-invent the wheel.

What I’ve given you so far in this article is a head start on the first 4 steps. You will of course need to fill in the blanks for yourself. I can tell you that the Training that you receive in every MLM company is insufficient. (World Ventures training appears to be some of the industries best, however.) Not that they want you to fail but I believe that they really do not know any better. The techniques they use are “stuck in the 80s and 90s”.

If you want to cut down a large tree, you should use the sharpest axe you can find, spend 90% of your time making it sharper and then chop away… and never quit. That is assuming that you have fulfilled numbers 1 – 4 above. If you do not get effective training, you are trying to chop down the tree with a hammer. It may work eventually but its going to take forever.

Finding the correct mentors in this field is very difficult. I know, I’ve tried and fallen flat many times until…

The system that I currently use to build my MLM company, are a blueprint used by the best Marketers in the world and they WORK. The system not only works for you but they work for your entire team which is vast in its power.

If you have satisfied the requirements for steps 1 – 4, than I have a system to help you explode through steps 5 and 6. If you have looked at WorldVentures and are not sure you have satisfied the requirements for steps 1 – 4 it doesn’t matter. There are thousands of companies out there and there is sure to be one for you. The systematic marketing plan, that I and the best internet marketers in the world use, will work for any business. Take a look... and I will see you on the Beaches of the World.

David G. Heon, MD

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